The Provincial Nominee Program is among the most popular ways to gain permanent residency in Canada. These programs are designed for foreign workers across the world and respond well to the labor market needs of a specific region. These PNP programs not only help the immigrants but also target occupations that have a manual shortage. The conditions and requirements of these programs vary from province to province. While some programs are designed to target overseas candidates who have never even been to Canada, many require immigrants to have a connection to the host province.

Here we have presented some of the provincial nominee programs that help immigrants secure a job in certain occupations in Canada:

1. Ontario Immigrants Nominee Program

The Ontario Immigration Nominee Program is abbreviated as OINP, which invites candidates who already have some prior experience to high-demand occupation by hosting a program called the Human Capital Priorities stream.

This program operates by using the Express Entry system. This directly means that candidates who want to earn some nominations via this program should have an active Express Entry Profile.

1). Tech Draws

The tech draws by Ontario are designed for candidates who have prior experience in tech occupations. In order to be eligible for this program, the candidates should meet minimum stream and draw-specific requirements. Targeted tech occupations include the following:

NOC Code      Title

NOC 2173       Software engineers and designers

NOC 2174       Computer programmers and interactive media developers

NOC 2147       Computer engineers

NOC 2175       Web designers and developers

NOC 2172       Database analysts and data administrators

NOC 0213       Computer and information systems managers

2). Priority Occupation Draws

The Human Capital Priorities Stream by  Ontario also targets some specific occupations that come under Priority Occupations. According to the needs of the labor market, these occupations change from draw to draw.

2. Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Program

The Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Program is targeted at individuals who have some in-demand skills that can be used to fill the occupational void in the market in the province.

Candidates with at least one year of work experience overseas and skills or education in in-demand occupations may submit their application for this program. Candidates are also asked to attach all the support documents about their skills and work experience with their application which will be reviewed by the employers of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Individuals who received the most amount of interest from the province, as well as the employer, will receive an invitation to apply for nomination.

3. Nova Scotia Nominee Program

Nova Scotia which is the east coast province of the country operates a PNP program for immigrants which is known as the Labour Market Priorities Stream.

This program is designed for individuals with prior experience in several in-demand occupations. However, the biggest challenge for individuals applying for this program has been the province for not releasing a list of in-demand occupations before the invitations round.

In fact, this program works by responding to the current labor market needs. To be eligible for this program, the individuals must have an active Express Entry profile.

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